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Passwords and Site Info

Things to know:

Note:  Remember any changes you make to Save and Publish and it will be live on the website then.

Wix Info: 

- Username:

- Password: HumaNuka75!

Email Info:

- username:

- Password: 

Instagram Info:

- username: chhspanthergolf

- Password: 15season16


Home Page:

-  This page has a scrolling banner (called slides) in the top section.  If you click on the banner in the top left it will allow you the ability to Manage Slides.  From here, you can click on the one's you want to change, edit, remove, etc.

Links on scrolling banners link to appropriate sections of Team Sponsors & Events.  No need to change or update that as when you update products/quantities, etc. it will automatically update on pages as well.

Sponsors & Events:

All sponsors are images (called media) that are added to the media section and then added to the page.

This page also have Annual Team Sponsors and Annual Tournament Sponsorship shopping carts added at the bottom of the page.  These items can be managed in the Products Tab on the home page and made visible, deleted or hidden.  They are setup now so that they always stay visible, but just say Out of Stock if sold so that you just have to add more in stock the next year and everything else is ready to go.


This page is a screenshot of the team tournament sheet Coach Parker creates every season and added (you'd just click on it and change image, upload media (+ icon).  Also, I upload the Word or pdf doc and once uploaded you just Link to that Media.

Social Media:

No need to change anything on the page.  It is linked to our Instagram Page and anything uploaded on that account by the Social Media Chair will automatically update on the page.

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